Affiliate Marketing Secrets: Success In The Online World

affiliate marketing secrets

Affiliate Marketing Secrets And What You Need To Know To Succeed In The Online World

So you have heard about people making money with affiliate marketing and you might be wondering if you can really make money with affiliate marketing too. 

The simple answer is “Yes You Can”

There is no doubt that people from all over the world are making a comfortable living by owning and operating their own affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing can make it possible for just about anyone to make a part-time or even a full-time income while working practically from any place that has an internet connection.

But a better question is, will YOU make money with affiliate marketing? 

And the more difficult answer to that question is “Maybe“. 

Because there are so many different ways to make money online, it’s not so much about what you choose to do, it’s more about whether you do what is necessary while learning how to do it correctly.

The Reality Of An Online Business

Since you are intrigued about the possibility of starting your own internet business, you probably have seen other home-based money making opportunities in the past.

Unfortunately, most of these are just online scams and a way to get your money.

If you ever see a program where int “internet guru” makes you an unbelievable rags-to-riches story with a promise of fast income with little effort, run away fast and don’t look back.

Your are not that gullible and they don’t exist anyway.

Learning the affiliate marketing industry is a popular choice among entrepreneurs because it’s pretty simple to start and can be very lucrative if done right.

Pros & Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

With any online business comes the good with the bad, but the pros of affiliate marketing out weight the cons by far.  This is why affiliate marketing is such a great home-based business to start.


  • Very low initial investment to get started with practically no overhead.  Most affiliate programs and networks are free to join.
  • The ability to earn a passive income 24 hours a day.
  • No need to carry inventory or ship any products.
  • Create a profitable business from any niche or topic of your choosing.
  • Work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection.
  • Have the opportunity to create multiple streams of income
  • No selling


  • Can take some time before you start making money and seeing results
  • Most customers will not be a repeat customer
  • High competition from popular products and niches
  • Partnering with the wrong company. Always find a credible company to work with and one you can trust.

What It Takes To Become A Successful Internet Marketer

Learning what it takes to become a successful internet marketer isn’t something that is hard to do, but it takes a strong commitment from you along with the right planning and knowledge. 

Often times there is a misconception that running an online business doesn’t take as much effort as running an offline or brick and mortar business, but that is simply not true.

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard or have a detailed plan of attack for you to succeed.  When you decide to start your new business venture, you must think about a few things and ask yourself a few important questions:

  • What products or services will I promote?
  • How will I build a website or my online store?
  • How will i get traffic to my website and attract customers?
  • What are the best ways to monetize my website and business?
  • Where will I get help when I need it?
  • Where can I get the training I need?
So as you can see, starting and growing an online business is more than just learning hot to place affiliate links onto a website or blog and expecting to make money from it.

Proper Education Is Where It Starts

When building an online business, there is a wrong way to do it and a right way. 

More times than not, most people fall into the wrong way category.  It’s not really their fault though, as they have been given too much of the wrong and outdated information. 

Bogus companies are making money by promoting and selling information that has no proven track record and any proof that it works in the real world.

While you can definitely have success in the online world, you will already be behind the eight-ball if you don’t get lined up with the right training, tools, and education.

Why would you want to start an online business without the required knowledge when there is an opportunity to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way?

What To Look For In An Online Training Program

Reviews:  One of the things you should always do is a thorough search and review of the company you are thinking about joining.  Reading what others are saying about a particular company or program will give you the best idea if it is worthy of your time and money.

How Long Have They Been In Business:  Pretty much goes with saying, but you should always go with someone that has been in business for a while and plans on being in business for many more years to come.  Online gurus come and go and can be here today and then gone tomorrow.

Are They Upfront On What They Are Offering:  When you join any program, there should be no confusion on what you are getting and what they are offering to you.  Everything that is offered should be upfront and crystal clear.  If you feel like their is something missing or feed pressured to act, you should move on from that company.

What Does It Cost:  Even though you are starting an online business, there are going to be some minimal cost that come along with it.  Fortunately, the expenses of starting and running your business should not cost you more than a few hundred bucks a year. 

Some online courses actually can cost you thousands of dollars to join and by time you are given all the up-sells, you could spend $20,000 or more.


Don’t do it, it is not necessary.

Can You Try Before You Buy: This might be the most important thing of all.  Why would you want to spend your money before you actually tried it out and see if you like it.  You wouldn’t buy a new car without driving it first, or buy a new recliner without sitting in it first, would you?  So finding the right online business training program should no different.

Is Everything That Is Needed To Start Your Business Included:  Besides the quality training that is beneficial to a new business, a few tools are required to get your business up and running as efficiently as possible. 

You need to have a website with hosting, a good keyword/research tool, and you should have access to technical support and help when you need it most.

Also, having the ability to learn from other internet marketers and having an experienced personal coach to help you along the way is crucial to you and your new business.

Why People Don't Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Besides the obvious scams and fake guru’s, why do some people succeed online while others don’t? 

Starting an online business and making it profitable is a journey and certainly not a sprint.  Even with the right education, tools, and support, not everyone will succeed, and many more will fail.


One of the main reasons is patience.

Some people are all excited about the thought of making easy money white sitting around the house doing nothing or while they are sleeping.

Some will start the process, but then don’t follow through, and for others, they don’t even start at all.  It is much easier to come up with excuses and quit, rather than do what is necessary to be successful.

That is the reality!

If you don’t have the patience and won’t dedicate the time and effort into growing your business the right way, more than likely your business will fail.

For some reason, most people that start an internet business think that making money will come right way and when it doesn’t, they quit.  Any business that is starting from the ground up needs time before any money is made.

Doing It Wrong

Another reason why success doesn’t happen for some is that they try to learn on the fly and do it all alone without help.  Then when things are not working out according to plan, they throw it in the trash.

The best thing for you and your business is to get the proper training and learn how to affiliate marketing the correct way.

There are really no shortcuts when it comes to making money, and other than winning the lottery, you probably won’t be getting rich overnight with any kind of online business, so why not do it the right way?

The Best Way To Get Started

Fortunately there are online programs that you can join that will help you with your business, but the one that I recommend you try is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can read my complete review here

Wealthy Affiliate has a solid reputation and has been helping entrepreneurs of all ages and skill levels succeed with affiliate marketing for more than 14 years.

There is no confusion about what WA has to offer as soon as you become a member.  The “all-inclusive” platform inside of WA has everything you need to turn any idea or niche into a profitable online business.

  • Two free websites
  • Web hosting
  • Keyword research tool
  • Classrooms
  • Live webinars
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Step-by-step training
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Live chat
Wealthy Affiliate is truly a one-stop-shop for someone looking to make money with affiliate marketing.  Not only does WA have everything you need to start and monetize your online business, but you can try it risk-free when you become a starter member, and it won’t cost you a dime.
Wealthy Affiliate will even allow you to take a test drive for as long as you like to see everything they have to offer.  And two of your very own custom websites with hosting is included with your free starter membership.
It doesn’t take a college degree or any special skills to generate income from affilate marketing, but it does take an honest effort and the right training to get you headed in the right direction.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Unlike some of the programs you may have seen in the past, you are not going to make a ton of money by sitting on your couch in front of a TV doing nothing. 

It doesn’t work that way! 

Affiliate marketing is simple, but it will take an effort and dedication from you before you start seeing the results that you are looking for.

While no business of any kind is guaranteed to succeed, affiliate marketing is definitely one online business that truly can, but you need need to treat it like a real life business.

For you to really be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to learn as much as you can, and start building your business the right way by following the same training that so many other online businesses are currently using.

Remember, having the knowledge really is having the power!

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