How To Make Money From Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Program

Have you been thinking… How can I make money from Amazon like thousands of other people do?  If you have been asking yourself that same question over and over, there is no doubt that you’ve heard about affiliate marketing in general, and to be more specific, Amazon’s affiliate program.

Also, called “Amazon associates”, this affiliate program can be a simple way for any newbie that would like to get their feet wet, and break into the ever popular and growing affiliate marketing industry.

Why Choose The Amazon Associate's Program?

Amazon is one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce website on the planet, and has established themselves as a highly reputable company where people feel comfortable making their online purchases. Not to mention that just like the millions of products that Amazon offers on their website, millions of people from all over the globe buy from them each and every day.

If you have a genuine interest in something that you want to build your affiliate marketing business around, you can probably bet that you can find it on Amazon. For those reasons alone, that is what makes the Amazon affiliate program a top choice for internet marketers.

Is Amazon Easy To Join?

Sometimes it might be a challenge for a new affiliate marketer to get approved with a program because they are just getting started and their website isn’t yet generating much traffic yet.

So, even if you are not generating much traffic to your site, and as long as you follow the terms and conditions that Amazon requires, you should not have a problem being accepted into their program.

Who Is Eligible To Join The Program?

Since Amazon is a world-wide company that operates in just about every country, most people can sign up from just about anywhere. Until recently, and because of certain tax laws with individual states, the Amazon affiliate program was not operating in every state in the U.S., but is now available in all 50 states.

Because Amazon has multiple websites for particular companies, below is a link to each of Amazon’s websites, so make sure you sign up on the correct site.

How To Become An Amazon Associate

  • Start A Blog Or Website
  • Write & Publish Interesting & Quality Content Often
  • Earn The Trust & Loyalty Of Your Audience

Start A Blog Or Website

You must already own a blog or website to be approved through Amazon, and it has to be active and live on the web for everyone to access.

When choosing what products you would like to promote on your site, it is preferred that you choose something that you already have an interest in, or something you are passionate about. 

If you are trying to promote something that you really don’t care too much about, you will eventually lose interest and your website will begin to suffer.

Other than the inexpensive cost of registering your domain name and web hosting, you can start using WordPress to begin building out your site for free. Most of your cost will come from just the time you spend writing content and posting photos with your own affiliate links.

Do you think that creating your own website is difficult to do?

It’s not, so don’t let that stop you!

Building a website is really easy to do, and at the end of this article I will recommend a place where you can get free affiliate marketing training and start building your own custom website for free.

Write Quality Content & Post To Your Website Often

To draw in a customer to your website and keep them there, you should focus on writing quality content that will keep your audience engaged.

It is recommended that you have content that has been updated within the last 30 days and your website should have at least 10 posts or articles. To keep your website relevant and fresh, you should set a goal to add a minimum of 1 post every week.

Earn The Trust & Loyalty Of Your Customers

One of the worst things you can do when creating you website is to have nothing but a bunch of affiliate links plastered all over your site. If someone thinks that you are just giving them a sales pitch and trying to sell, sell, sell, they are more than likely to leave your page and not come back.

Remember, people are probably already in the purchasing mode when they come to your website, and they are looking for recommendations from you to help with their buying decision, so just don’t make your website a big huge sales page.

When you write a review on a particular product and list the pros and cons, along with the recommendation and affiliate link, you will offer more value to your customer.

Can You Really Make Money With Amazon

If you were to ask everybody where they made their first dollar with affiliate marketing, the majority of them would say Amazon. So yes, you can absolutely make money with the Amazon program, but how much you make will depend on what products you are promoting and reviewing, and how hard you are willing to work at it.

If you want to promote a product that costs $10.00 and the commission is only 5%, you are only gonna make fifty cents per sale. You would have to make a bunch of sales at that rate to make it worth your time and effort to promote that item.

Ideally, you would want to find a higher priced ticket where you are earning between $5.00 and $15.00 per sale. It’s not too hard to figure out that the higher priced items will make you more money per transaction and the less sales you actually need.

No matter what item or service you decide to build your online business around, working hard while working smart is a key ingredient to your success.

The Pros & Cons Of The Amazon Affiliate Program

Just like every affiliate program or network, there will always be good things and the not so good things associated with them.


  • Well Known And Trusted Reputation: If you personally haven’t purchased anything from Amazon, you certainly have heard of them. In fact, if you haven’t heard of Amazon before, you must have been living under a rock.
  • Millions Of Products Available: If you want it, chances are that Amazon has it. Since there is virtually an unlimited amount of products you can promote, finding something that your audience will love will not be too difficult to find. That’s why they have everything from A to Z.
  • Simple To Join: Even though your website is new and you are an affiliate marketing newbie, you can still be approved to be an affiliate and it’s also free to join.
  • Extra Revenue On Purchases: Not only will you receive a commission for the sale of the product that came from your affiliate link, you will also earn a commission on everything else they buy for the next 24 hours. If someone buys a TV from your affiliate link and then they buy a TV stand, or gaming chair, or even a vacuum cleaner, you make money from those items too.


  • Not So Great Commission Rates: As stated above, the commission rates can range between 1% up to 10%. There are other affiliate programs that offer much higher payouts and can go up to 75% or more.
  • Shorter Cookie Duration: Unfortunately, Amazon only has a short 24-hour cookie duration. Even though someone clicked on your affiliate link, but decided not to buy right away, you have potentially lost that sale if they don’t return within the 24-hour period, unless they already added the items to their cart.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

If you are interested in making money with affiliate marketing, becoming an Amazon Associate is worth looking into as it meets the needs of most internet marketers. Even though the commissions are on the lower end compared to other programs, it is definitely worth your time to add some Amazon affiliate links to your website or online store.

As I said earlier, most new and experienced affiliate marketers got their start by becoming an affiliate for Amazon because of their trustworthy reputation and the fact that they have millions of products that they sell.

Are you still on the fence because you don’t know how to start your business and still skeptical because you don’t know how to create a website, write quality content, and don’t know how to drive traffic to you site?

If this sounds like you, I hope you check out what hundreds of thousands of other online marketers are doing to achieve their success in the affiliate marketing world.

I highly encourage you to check out the online program that I recommend for starting an growing a successful online business.  Once inside, you will have access to tools, training, classrooms, webinars, live chat, tech support and more!


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