My REAL LiveGood Review For 2023:
Is It Over-Hyped or the Real thing?

Whether you are interested in joining LiveGood because of their products or the lucrative compensation plan, this is the LiveGood review for you.

Being in the home business space, I am always researching money making opportunities, not only to see if they are legit and worth promoting, or if they are a scam and should stay away.

Whenever you see advertising related to easy home based business ideas, there is a good chance that you will come across quite a few multi-level marketing (MLM) proposals.

Many of these ads are thoughtfully designed to get your attention; they often promise to teach you how to make money using your computer or smartphone a few times a week, and it is not unusual to see outlandish claims related to potential profits that can be made through methods such as binary plans, down lines, “unilevel” structures, and other terms that sound esoteric.

LiveGood is a Florida-based company dedicated to promoting good health through nutritional supplementation, and offers a comprehensive affiliate program to individuals interested in a simple home based business opportunity.

Let’s take a look at why LiveGood is worth paying attention to.

LiveGood Overview

First of all, LiveGood is a health and nutrition brand with great products that anyone can purchase.

As is the case with other businesses that offer nutritional supplements, the question “Is LiveGood a scam?” can pop up among people concerned about the sourcing and quality of products such as CBD oil, but LiveGood has this covered with a website section where you can find certificates of analysis issued by independent laboratories.

LiveGood offers everything from multivitamin solutions to advanced dietary supplements such as Organic Super Greens. Everything sold by the company can be purchased right from their website.

Let’s say you want to learn more about full-spectrum CBD oil for pets, which is a very popular product; LiveGood offers a chicken-flavored version rich in vitamin E that you can look for on the website to get a description, photos, product label, feeding instructions, and even a certificate of analysis.

Each product listed on the LiveGood online store has two prices:

One for members and another one for everyone else. In the case of pet CBD oil, the difference between the retail and member prices is substantial, and this is just one of the benefits you can get from a paid LiveGood membership.

LiveGood's Compensation Plan

The mission of the company is to promote health and wellness and at an affordable price, by eliminating the traditional middleman element of retail so that shoppers can always get quality products at lower prices.

But there is also an affiliate program that is designed to let prospective entrepreneurs earn weekly and monthly income month without purchasing any products, or recruiting a single person.

Earning income as a LiveGood affiliate can be accomplished in six ways:

Weekly Fast Start Commissions

Fast-start commissions are a way for you to get paid your very first week.

When someone takes a “LiveGood Free Tour” and decides to upgrade to a paid member, you will earn $5 for that first months membership. If they also decide to become an affiliate, you will also earn an additional $20 for a 50% match of the one-time affiliate fee.

All of the fast-start commissions will be deposited into your account each and every Thursday.

You will also earn a fast start commission from those members who produce their own referrals…10 levels deep.

livegood fast start commission payout chart

Matrix Commissions

Once you are an established LiveGood affiliate with at least one sign-up completion, you will be placed in a matrix whereby your position will move higher with each new sign-up transaction.

The higher your position on this matrix, the higher your monthly commission payments will be as long as the members remain active. These commissions are paid on the month after the registration of new members.

livegood matrix commission payout chart

Matching Bonus

LiveGood will continue to share revenue from new registrations based on a percentage of new enrollments referred by your own referrals.

 With this income opportunity, LiveGood effectively matches 50% of your matrix commissions earned by all those who enroll under you up to five generations of affiliates. Let’s say you manage to bring five new members who bring a new member each; your matching bonus will be half of the collective earnings.

Retail Commissions

This is an attractive income proposition because it is not contingent upon signing up new members or affiliates.

There will always be shoppers who choose to pay the higher retail price for various reasons; as long as you are the one who made the referral, 50% of the difference between the member and retail prices will be paid as a commission on the week following the purchase transaction.

To a certain extent, this method is based on a pricing arbitrage strategy, but it does not require you to stock up with products, worry about shipping, or deal with returns.

livegood retail commission payout chart

Influencer Bonus

If you are good at retail marketing, this affiliate income opportunity could be quite lucrative,

The influencer bonus is paid to affiliates who manage to drive at least $2,500 in retail sales per month; the base commission is 10% on top of the retail commission mentioned above, which is 50% of the difference between the member and retail prices.

 Higher levels of retail sales result in higher commission percentages; for example, $5,000 in a month pays 20%, and $50,000 or more would pay 50%.

livegood influencer bonus payout chart

Diamond Bonus

As a LiveGood member and affiliate, you have the opportunity to gradually increase your earning potential by progressing through a rank system.

An affiliate who has made at least two referrals will earn the bronze rank as long as the sign-ups are active. Climbing up to the silver, gold, and platinum ranks involves enrolling more new members and encouraging them to not only remain active but also generate new referrals.

Once you achieve the diamond rank, which works out to 2,500 active members, LiveGood will take 2% of total company sales and split the corresponding payment among all diamond-ranked affiliates.

As you can see from the income opportunities above, there is more than just attracting new members to LiveGood. The retail commission and influencer bonus methods of generating revenue are highly ideal for affiliates who are skilled at e-commerce marketing.

Advantage for Members and Affiliates

As previously mentioned, the LiveGood business model includes a membership element that makes perfect sense to shoppers who wish to complement their healthy lifestyles at reasonable prices.

Through comparison, take a look at products such as full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD oil for pets; write down the retail and member prices before conducting a Google search for similar products. The first thing you will notice is that LiveGood prices are highly competitive; in some cases, they are 70% lower for members.

With regard to quality, you will notice that many online retailers who sell nutritional supplements do not post certificates of analysis completed by third-party laboratories. LiveGood makes it a point to make these certificates readily available to shoppers along with product label information such as origin, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

For example, we can look at the Bio-Active Complete Multivitamin with Iron for Women, which is made in the USA, features marigold flower extract plus cranberry as an antioxidant, and includes 18 mg of ferrous bis-glycinate as an iron supplement. In the case of the 1500 mg CBD peppermint oil, the certificate of analysis indicates 4.86% of all cannabinoids except for THC; this lets you know that the CBD was properly extracted and purified to reach full spectrum conditions.

By now you are probably wondering how LiveGood can offer quality supplements at such low prices, and this is where the membership and affiliate programs make sense.

The health and wellness industry is highly competitive, but it is also characterized by business models that border on price gouging. This can be explained by the high marketing costs associated with the industry.

Many brands that offer natural skin care products, multivitamins, protein supplements, CBD extracts, and other wellness items spend a considerable portion of their sales on marketing, advertising, and profit-splitting systems. LiveGood dispenses with such practices by combining a membership and affiliate program based on sharing revenue.

As previously mentioned, this business model succeeds because it cuts out the middleman, and it also enables products to be sold at lower prices thanks to the organic marketing incentives enjoyed by affiliates.

Getting Started With LiveGood

If you are reading this LiveGood review because you were approached by an affiliate, the next step would be to take advantage of the free tour as a pre-enrollee.

 All you need is a valid email address to register and get a temporary position that will let you get a feel for the affiliate section of the LiveGood website. No credit card information is needed for this. You can lock in your position at any time, but there is a cutoff date to become a registered affiliate, which is when your referrals for new enrollments and sales start getting tallied.

On the left sidebar of the page, you will see links for the online product catalog, your personal information, the information of the affiliate who referred you, and a contact section.

Details about the LiveGood compensation plan can be accessed through a link on the top of the page, and the link to the right is “My Powerline,” which is where you can see how many people would be placed under your position once you are locked in as an affiliate. The list includes both pre-enrollees and paid members along with their names and timestamps corresponding to when they signed up with their email addresses.

The powerline has two purposes.

First, there is the issue of transparency in network marketing because it lets you see potential earning opportunities and the structure of the program. Second, it provides an incentive for prospective affiliates because of the ranking system.

As explained above with the diamond bonus, becoming an active provider of LiveGood referrals can pay out handsomely once you reach that level, but you want to secure a spot closer to the top.

The powerline gives you an idea of referral activity and volume, and it also lets you know that locking a position before the cutoff date could lead to handsome rewards in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Join LiveGood?

If you think LiveGood is something you would be interested in, it will cost you $9.95 a month. Or you can pay for a full year and it will only cost you $99.95, saving you about 20 bucks over the year.

The $9.95 is a membership fee that allows you to buy all the LG products at a pretty steep wholesale discount off of the retail price.

If you want to become a LiveGood affiliate, where you can earn commissions from retail sales, and from referring others to their program, it will cost you a one-time fee of $40.

Also, when you become a member, you will also get 3 different landing pages (corporate site, retail site, and a powerline landing page) that you can use to promote and share with people.

Final Say

To a great extent, the success you can derive from LiveGood is directly related to how much effort you put into your role as an affiliate.

 Many members are mostly interested in getting the best prices for quality supplements; they smartly figure out that getting a couple of people to sign up or purchase products will bring them a few bucks, thus offsetting membership fees.

Other affiliates see the great potential of promoting LiveGood products based on their quality and affordable prices, so they mostly stick with the retail commission and influencer bonus programs.

Whether you are a hands-on affiliate or someone who is looking for passive income, LiveGood is a good option that does not involve the shady tactics of multi-level marketing schemes.

You can make money by referring shoppers directly to the LiveGood store where they can choose to pay the retail price or become members; you can benefit either way, and the choice between focusing on new enrollments or product marketing will always be yours.

If you have experience in the promotion of products through affiliate channels, you will find that LiveGood is an easy brand to promote, particularly if you know about search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing.

If you are more into networking and soft sales, getting people to become LiveGood members could be your guide to handsome profits this year. Perhaps you are good at both marketing and networking, thus making LiveGood an even more enticing proposition.

Keep in mind that the nutritional supplement market generates more than $50 billion in annual sales in the United States alone. Globally, the market size was estimated to be around $140 billion in 2021.