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NotionCash scam

So you are looking to make some extra cash, and you stumbled across Notion Cash wondering if you should try it out, or run away from it.

With my Notion Cash review, I will tell you what I learned, if it is another scam, or if I would recommend it to my friends and family as a way to earn a little bit of the green stuff.


What Is NotionCash?

NotionCash claims that they are a market research firm that will pay you rewards and gift vouchers, up to $100 for completing various tasks.

When you first go to their website, it looks like an easy way to put some extra cash into your pockets, just by taking up a few minutes of your time.

All you have to do, is sign up and start earning. In fact, as soon as you complete the sign up process, you will already have a quick $25 deposited into your account dashboard, and it only took about 30 seconds to do.

How Does NotionCash Work?

There isn’t a whole lot of info to provide here about the system, but there are basically just two ways to “earn” with NotionCash.

  1. Completing Tasks: They say you can make between $30-$100 per task, just by simply completing each task, simply by following their instructions.
  2. Referring Friends & Family Members: You will earn a quick $15 for every friend or family member that you refer to the NotionCash program.


Sounds super simple, doesn’t it?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make that much money just by completing a simple 3 minute task?

If you look at some of the tasks shown below, if you complete all five tasks, it will take you just 17 to finish, and you will earn $205.00. Hmm. If my math is correct, that comes out to be something like $190.00 an hour!

Then if you do that for eight hours a day, you can make a whopping $1520.00 a day! Wow, that’s over $500,000 a year, just for hardly doing nothing.

OK, you know I am not being serious, but you get my point of why these types of things are not legit at all.

Red Flags & Warning Signs

Unfortunately there are so many scams filling up the internet these days, sometimes it hard to know what is honest, and which ones are trying to rip you off in one way or another.

Unrealistic Money Claims

One of the first things that caught my eye was the amount of money you could make. If you have previously signed up with other real survey sites like SliceThePie, you will know that most of the time you will only make a few cents to complete a survey that only takes a few minutes.

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY is going to pay someone that much money to take a 3 minute survey, not to mention paying out a $15 bonus for everyone you refer.

Not Being Truthful About How Long Being In Business

The second thing that caught my eye was seeing that they have been in business for over 3 years, but when I went to check it out for myself, I saw that they only created their website in March of 2019. That doesn’t look like 3 years to me,.

Not A Real Business Address

They are trying to portray themselves as a legitimate company, but even the address that they give on their website is not real. It is just a virtual address to give the impression that it is a real life business.


Hiring People To Make Testamonials

Here is another reason this company can’t be trusted.  Many times when looking into something that seems a bit fishy, I like to a little research on some of the testimonials from their many “satisfied customers”.

The two screenshots above are video clips of a guy offering to make a spokesperson video on, and then the other screenshot is the same guy endorsing NotionCash.

Why would a company need to hire someone to do a fake testimonial if they have thousands of happy customers making easy money?


And finally the kicker was reading the bulletin from the BBB, warning people about NotionCash, and all the complaints that were filed from different states around the U.S.

So you should always do a thorough research of any company that you do business with, to see if there any complaints registered against a particular company.

What Is NotionCash Really Trying To Do?

What this bogus company really wants from you is your personal data, and to collect as much information from you as possible.

Then they can sell all of your data and personal information to a third party, while making money in the process. They then can use the information that you provided to them to hack into other accounts, like Facebook and various bank accounts.

This is important. If you already signed up with them and used the same username or password for one of your other accounts, you should definitely go to the other account and change your username and password to keep your identity safe.

Final Verdict On Notion Cash

I would highly recommend that you DO NOT sign up with this company, because there is absolutely nothing good about it.

But if you are still intrigued and want to see for yourself, you should just use a fake name and email to create your account, because you don’t have to verify or confirm your email address. But whatever you do, don’t share this money-making scam on any of your social media platforms, unless you want a lot of people angry with you.

Better Alternative To Making Money

Just because it turns out that NotionCash is a waste of time and not a legitimate business opportunity, that doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t be looking for other ways to make money online.

As it turns out, there is a real and honest way that people from all over the world are using to make a part-time or full-time income.

So finally, if you are tired of scams and being led down a dead end road, I think you should look at this proven online business model.

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below, and I will get back to you.

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