What Is Swagbucks About: Can You Really Earn Free Gift Cards?

can you make money with swagbucks

If you are a regular internet user, you probably have heard or even used at least one of the popular survey sites. These survey sites have tempting offers, such as easy and quick ways to earn money. However, they seem to multiply each day, making it difficult to know which ones are trustworthy and which are not worth your time.

One of the most talked-about survey sites today is Swagbucks. If you have heard about it, you are probably asking, “What is Swagbucks about?” Even more important, can you REALLY earn with Swagbucks?

Today, I am going to walk you through how it works and whether or not it is something that can put some real bucks in your pocket.

What is Swagbucks All About?

Swagbucks claims to be the definition of “easy money” just like other survey sites, but what is Swagbucks about?

The premise is that you can perform certain tasks, which will earn you points. Once you do, these points can be converted into gift cards or even money.

Swagbucks is comparable to a search engine, just like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The only difference is that you get paid when you use it, particularly when you search the Internet. It may sound too good to be true, but there have been many people who claimed that they have received rewards multiple times.

The search engine has been around for more than a decade now, and more and more individuals are learning about it. There are not a lot of survey sites and similar companies that can say they reached 10 years online.

Swagbucks may have proven it is a reputable company. It has even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

So, is Swagbucks a scam or what? Before you learn the answer, let us first dive deeper into what this company is about.

Swagbucks is a rewards platform that operates online. It promises to give up to 20% cashback when you do specific tasks. And unlike some of its competitors, you can actually join for free.

After all, I do not recommend that you pay just to join any rewards program, no matter how great the prizes or perks are. Chances are you will later end up regretting becoming a member.

Swagbucks is also the name that the company uses for its rewards, which you can redeem as gift cards or cash. Prodege runs the Swagbucks program, which is headquartered in El Segundo, California.

This particular company was established in 2005, and it is the same firm behind other online websites, including MyGiftCardsPlus and MyPoints.

Prodege is an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau, plus it is an Accredited Business since May 2010.

According to Swagbucks, by the end of 2018, there has been more than $372 million in payouts to its members.  And now, according to their website, there are currently more than 15 million Swagbucks members.

How Does It Work?

Now that you know what it is, you are probably now interested in how to earn your own Swagbucks or those gift cards and cash. The answer is simple: you just do certain things through its website, which these activities will be discussed in the next section below.

But before you can do any of those tasks, you need to first join Swagbucks, and becoming a member is easy and free.

You will then receive rewards for the activities that you normally do when you are online. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or any device that is connected to the internet. Collect points, which are called Swagbucks or SB.

The SB points that you have earned can be redeemed through PayPal so you can get the cash. Alternatively, you can get gift cards that will let you shop at your favorite stores for a discount or even freebies. Some of the participating stores are Target, Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Argos, and Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling generous, you can give your earnings to a charity that you like. Perhaps an even more significant question that you have in your head now is about the amount of money or rewards that you can get.

SB points are worth a certain amount. To give you an idea, 100 SB is equivalent to one dollar. If you want to redeem a $5 Amazon gift card, you will need 500 SB.

The rewards vary depending on the task you have accomplished. For online surveys, for instance, you can find some surveys that give as much as $50. However, these surveys can be somewhat difficult to complete.

If you want something easy, you will need to go for the lower-paying ones. Nevertheless, they will take less time to complete.

You can expect to earn between 40 to 200 SB points for every survey you take and complete. It means you can earn up to $2 with your 200 SB points. Although low, there are infrequent chances that you can encounter where you get higher earnings after completing the survey or other tasks.

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What Are The Ways To Earn Swagbucks Or Gift Cards?

If you are looking for a way on how to earn Swagbucks or SB points, I will give you nine super simple methods:

1) Get Rid Of Google Or Bing As Your Default Search Engine

In your current search engine’s place, switch to Swagbucks. It is the easiest and quickest way to start earning.

You will automatically start earning points when you surf the web like normal. However, it is important that you use the Swagbucks browser instead.

I do understand that some people are concerned about the efficiency of this browser. The good news is that Yahoo runs it, which is one of the three main pillars of online searching. Therefore, it is a trustworthy platform if you choose to use it.

How much will you earn, you ask? You have the chance to get about 10 SB points for every 10 searches you make.

Sometimes, it will take more, such as searching at least 20 times to get 10 points. After six months of searching, users have said they have accumulated about $250.

2) Watch Videos & Chill

You may have heard about other sites that promise rewards, just by watching videos online, and Swagbucks is among them. The difference with this platform is that there are no promises that you will earn huge amounts of money when you watch these videos.

Although the payouts are not as high as you may want, you will still get entertained. The content that you will be asked to view can vary greatly. Some of the videos you will have to watch include advertisements, viral clips, and news.

It is incredibly easy to earn since you can just leave your phone or laptop while it plays the video. Don’t worry because you won’t be tested as to whether you really watched it or not.

The amount you can earn will depend on the video itself, but it is mostly 3 SB points for every 30-minute video you watch. Note, however, that there is a daily limit, and you can only get up to 150 points for watching a video.

3) Download Apps To Your Phone

The amount you earn by completing this task varies broadly. You will download, install, and open the apps first to get the reward. Once you have installed the app, you should open and use it for a few minutes.

If it is interesting enough for you, you may choose to keep it. On the other hand, if you are unhappy with it, you are not forced to keep it on your phone. No worries though; you still get the points.

The free apps that you download to your phone will give you anywhere from 15 to 50 SB points each. If you are wanting to earn even more, you can get up to 10 times more points if you download a paid or premium app.

It may not sound like a good idea to download a premium app just to earn Swagbucks, but some of the apps may truly be worth something for you. Therefore, I advise you to only get a paid app if you will use it even without the SB involved.

4) Shop Online To Get Some Cashback Surprises

Clearly, I would never tell you to go shopping online for the sake of earning the SB points. However, if you do plan to buy anything on shops, such as:

· Marks & Spencer (M&S)
· Argos
· Topman
· The Body Shop
· Monsoon
· White Stuff
· Sweaty Betty
· Direct2Mum
· Accessorize

If you have used any cashback site before, you will be familiar with how Swagbucks works. Receive the SB points from the listed stores above, as well as Hotels.com, Ticketmaster, Toys R Us, and many more. Before you buy, you may want to check and see if they are participating in the Swagbucks cashback program.

Usually, you can earn three SB points for every $2 to $5 you spend by shopping online. Of course, the point system varies depending on the store and what you want to buy.

5) Complete Polls & Surveys To Earn Quick Bucks

If you have plenty of time but short on cash, you may want to consider answering short surveys every day to earn rewards. The surveys can take anywhere from just three to 20 minutes each.

The amount will depend on the particular survey that you have completed. Typically, these SB points will range from 40 to 100.

As for polls, you will only have to click your answer to a certain question, which will literally take you five seconds or less.

You can get an extra SB point by answering a poll.  Although it may not be much, it can add to your total points and help you earn a little more in the future.

6) Share Your Experience With Your Friends And Family

Here is another guaranteed way to rack up on points, and you really don’t need to do anything else. In fact, you can earn points even while you sleep.

All you need to do is to tell your friends and family about Swagbucks. Give them your referral code, which they will use when they sign up for an account.

It is one of the best ways to earn because you get an instant 500 SB from just the referrals alone. Plus, you get 10% more out of your friends’ earnings too.  As long as they continue being a member, you can keep earnign your rewards.

7) Use Swag Codes

Swag Codes are available from time to time. You need to know when they are around, so you can go grab them for yourself. The best way to hunt for these codes is through the Swagbucks browser extension.

Download it and you will be notified whenever there are available codes. Even better, when you download the extension, you get 50 SB automatically.

When you get a notification, it will tell you where you can find the codes. Often, they are on the Swagbucks blog, but you may also see them on Twitter or Facebook as well. When you get a code, you can then enter it into your Swagbucks dashboard.

8) Play Games To Earn Money Or Gifts

We have heard about these offers where you only need to play a game to earn. Swagbucks gives you the same opportunity. If you spend hours and hours playing games on your phone anyway, why not spend your time on games that can earn you money?

Every game you play can give you 10 SB. Just try it out and get the points.

Some games, however, require you to achieve a certain level in the game before you are able to earn, while other games need you to perform different tasks in the game to earn the points

9) Complete Your Daily Goals

In your dashboard, you will find the to-do list where there are about eight tasks to complete. You get additional points for every action you do towards the goal. However, you will get more if you finish everything listed for the day.

If you already have the extension installed, you can opt in to the daily goals option. You will get notified of the SB points that you need to earn for a certain day.

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What Is Good About Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has plenty of reasons to join their program, including:

  • You have a lot of different reward options,
  • If you like to use PayPal, you will find Swagbucks convenient for you,
  • The browser extension is useful, especially in giving you notifications about codes you do not want to miss.
  • There are several cashback options where there are many stores that continue to participate.
  • There are in-store cashback opportunities.
  • Some of the ways to earn points are actually enjoyable, such as watching videos and playing games.
  • Earning points is easy.

What Is Not So Good About Swagbucks?

Swagbucks, just like many others, is not a perfect platform. It comes up short in a few different areas, including:

  • Some offers do not give a lot of Swagbucks or points.
  • Some tasks take too long to accomplish, and you don’t gain many points.
  • The process is slow.
  • The actual amount of money that you earn is not that much.


A big drawback for me is that you can earn huge cashback if you pay or spend money. Be wise when you pay for anything, such as shopping online. You do not want to buy something for the sole sake of earning cash.

Is Swagbucks a Scam or Legit?

Taking all the things I have mentioned above, you probably have one more question in mind. Is Swagbucks a scam or should I not waste my time? The answer is that Swagbucks is not a scam, and a legit way to earn a couple of dollars here and there.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the company has shelled out more than $348 million in gift cards and cash rewards. With that said, Swagbucks has a pretty solid reputation in the online world. You can read about it on US News and World Report, along with Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan magazine.

On Trustpilot, the company has more than 13,000 reviews from its users who rated Swagbucks with four stars overall. The TrustScore is about 8.3 over 10, which is incredibly high for this kind of company.

In short, Swagbucks is a real way to earn some extra perks and not a scam at all. However, if you are looking to create a consistent, steady income, it is not something you should build an entire online business around, even if you like spending all day playing games and watching videos.

Most people just like to use it for fun, so you probably shouldn’t expect too much out of it.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

There are many ways to make extra cash online, but in my opinion, Swagbucks is not a way to make a long-term consistent income as an online business.

If you want an easier way that has been time-tested and a proven track record of success, there is a much better way to start earning a passive income 24/7.

A better option is to create an online business with affiliate marketing. Just like with Swagbucks, affiliate marketing is a performance-based opportunity. It means that the amount of money you earn is based on how much work and effort you put into your business.

However, the difference between how much money you can make with Swagbucks or affiliate marketing is night and day.

Are you okay with making a little extra money, or would you rather make a lot of extra money?

If you are just looking to have a little fun and make a little pocket money, then go ahead and install the Swagbucks app and give it a try.

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