Why Become An Affiliate Marketer? Because Most Of Your Competitors Will Quit!

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This is not a post on how to become an affiliate marketer, but a post on why become an affiliate marketer.

When it comes to an online business and affiliate marketing, did you know that it is estimated that 98% of your direct competitors will eventually quit, while only 2% will stay in the game for the long haul?

You might not think that sounds very encouraging when you see those kinds of numbers, but it’s quite the opposite and actually better for you and your business. Wouldn’t you much rather compete with the smaller group of 2%, than the larger group of 98%?

I know I would.

Every time I have a conversation with someone about running an online business, the one thing I continue to hear is that there is too much competition and it’s never gonna work.

That’s what they think!

Yes there is competition, but what most people on the outside looking in don’t understand, is the majority of your competitors are eventually going to quit.

That’s a fact! You just have to outlast them.

Most of us are taught from an early age to never give up and keep pushin’ on (sounds like a REO Speedwagon song). Anyway, how would your life be different if you gave up on everything you ever tried if you didn’t succeed the first time, things like learning to ride a bike, playing a sport, or playing a musical instrument?

It seems like some people are born with a special talent, but for most of us, we all had to keep practicing until we got it figured out.

If you are programmed to give up when the going gets tough, you will never be able to reap the rewards of all the hard work you put in.

Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you planned, and that goes for an online business too.

So if you have an online business and thinking about giving up because you are struggling to make your first dollar, or having a hard time getting visitors to your website, stick with it and the results will eventually come.

It’s possible that you just need to change up your strategy or try something new. Once you have a specific plan in place and a guideline to follow, don’t quit because you will begin to pass your competitors.

Why Did You Want To Start An Online Business?

What made you want to start an online business, and what was the reason when you finally decided that you wanted to make a change in your life?

Was it just to make a few bucks here and there for extra spending money, or was it the hopes of one day working at home full time because you are sick and tired of working for the “Man”? Or maybe it was just to be able to have more freedom and control over your financial situation.

Whatever your reasons were, you knew that you needed to do something different and needed a change in your life, just like I did.

Just like many others, I made a difficult decision to leave my full-time job many years ago and start my own home-based business. I was done with getting up at 4:00 in the morning and punching a time clock every single day. And when layoffs were coming, if left them before my head was on the chopping block too.

There was no way I was going to put the future of me and my family in the hands of a company ever again.

That is why I did it.

Why Do You Feel Like Quitting?

Things don’t always work out like you planned. When things get uncomfortable, the simple thing to do is to give up and quit. It’s always been much easier to throw in the towel when things get difficult.

It’s the nature of the beast.

Sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone to move forward, and that isn’t always easy.

One of my hobbies growing up was playing the guitar. I knew that I was going have to learn how to play by taking lessons If I wanted to be a future “rock star,” so that’s what I did.

At one point, I remember thinking to myself that this really sucks! I want to be on stage and I’m learning how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? But I had to take it step-by-step. I needed to learn the basic notes and chords first, before I could actually play music.

So what’s the moral of the story here? I didn’t give up. I kept taking lessons until I learned how to read sheet music and could play on my own. I never did become a rock star, but I did learn how to play the guitar and it is something I still enjoy doing today.

If quitting is what you really want to do, then maybe that’s what you should do. But if you feel like your business isn’t gaining any traction and you are frustrated and feeling a bit overwhelmed, just give it more time and keep going.

Did You Give It Your Best Effort?

When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, can you sit back and say that you really treated your online business like a real business, or were you expecting things to happen at a much faster pace?

Nobody ever said that making money online was something that was gonna happen overnight.

If they did, they don’t know what they are talking about, because it will never happen unless you win the lottery.

Fact of the matter is that starting an affiliate marketing business really is easy to get up and running, but actually making money with it is a completely different story.

You should know by now that affiliate marketing is about engaging the customer and providing useful information to your readers on a consistent basis.

Did you publish a post to your website as often as you could? Did you do your keyword research to find out what your audience is looking for? Did you optimize all of your web pages for the search engines? What did you do to drive traffic to your website? Did you ask for help from others when you needed it?

I could go on and on, but these are things that often go neglected with the process of building an online business.

So my point is, if you can honestly say that you didn’t give it your best shot, take a few steps back and re-evaluate what you need to do differently, and then start from square one again.

If You Quit, Then What?

So if you decide to give up on the thought of making money online, where do you go next? Do you still continue to work your dead end job, or do you find a different job and work there until you feel the same as you do right now?

That doesn’t make much sense.

Affiliate marketing is truly a great opportunity for anybody to earn a passive income if you do it right. Affiliate marketing isn’t hard to do, but you have to word hard and takes a consistent effort.

That is why most people quit.

If you ask most people about their ideal situation when it comes to working, most of them would say they want to work from home and make money on their computer.

It’s strange how so many people will continue to stay at a job they hate for years and years, and then won’t spend a few hours a day working to achieve the dream of being their own boss.

You don’t have to go into it with the idea of making a full-time income right from the get-go. You can work on your business in your spare time, or a few hours each day, while slowly growing your business at your own pace.

Final Thoughts

My goal of writing this article was to hopefully change the way you are looking at your online business if you are thinking about throwing in the towel. There is no doubt you can succeed in the online world, especially if you can follow a proven path for success.

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